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Kate Noelle Holmes

Birth Name : Kate Noelle Holmes
Birth Date : December 18, 1978

Birth Place : Toledo, Ohio, USA

Height : 5' 9"

Nationality : American

Hair Color  : Brown

Eye Color  : Brown

Father : Martin Joseph Holmes, Sr.

Mother : Kathleen A. Holmes

Katie Holmes Wallpaper 2012

Katie Holmes Wallpaper 2012

Katie Holmes Wallpaper 2012

Katie Holmes Wallpaper 2012

Katie Holmes Wallpaper 2012

Katie Holmes Wallpaper 2012

Katie Holmes Wallpaper 2012

Katie Holmes Wallpaper 2012

Katie Holmes Wallpaper 2012

Katie Holmes Wallpaper 2012

Katie Holmes Wallpaper 2012

Katie Holmes Wallpaper 2012

Katie Holmes Wallpaper 2012

Katie Holmes Wallpaper 2012

Katie Holmes Wallpaper 2012

Katie Holmes Wallpaper 2012
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Jessica Alba

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Emma Roberts

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Selena Gomez gold and black dress style

Selena Gomez truly rocked, in a stunning autumn/winter 2012 Dolce & Gabbana gold and black embroidered dress at the Venice Film Festival photocall for her latest movie, Spring Breakers.
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Best Friends With Sandra Bullock

At least she won her Oscar. Jesus, poor Sandra Bullock. Almost before she finished her acceptance speech word came out that her husband Jesse James was having an affair. And then by the Governor’s Ball it turned into two affairs. By the time she gave back the borrowed gown and jewelry that number had risen to three. Now it’s four and by the time Sandra is a presenter at next year’s Oscarcast it should be up to sixty-nine.

And she only has herself to blame. Shame on her for not getting tattoos over 90% of her body. How does she expect her husband to find her attractive if she doesn’t have a giant fire breathing dragon on her back, a hissing rattle snake wrapped three times around her neck and the Oakland Raiders “Committed to Excellence” logo just above her hooha?

Yes, it might be hard to find work in anything other than circus films but that's a small price to pay for wedded bliss.

Seriously though, I do feel bad for Sandra Bullock. In a town of divas and phonies she truly is a lovely very genuine person who is dedicated to her craft. Writers love her. Crew members love her. It’s just unfortunate that she got suckered in by this sleezeball. James has a history of sexual harassment charges and a couple of years ago had to shell out $700,000 to settle one. To put that in perspective: that’s fourteen years of hookers for Charlie Sheen.

Now that we’ve tired of the Tiger Woods scandal this sordid affair is front and center. Nutty stories are appearing left and right. A current headline in the HuffPost proclaims: “Janine Lindemulder, Jesse James' Porn Star Ex Wants To Be Best Friends With Sandra Bullock”. And another screams out: “Jesse James' Second Mistress Seeks Sugardaddy Aged 30-90.” I shudder to think what the New York Post is saying.

Even attention whore Gloria Allred is representing one of James’ mistresses/bimbos. I guess Octomom isn’t getting enough screen time so Gloria has to move on.

This should be the happiest time in Sandra Bullock’s life. She just won a friggin' Academy Award. Instead it’s a nightmare. Please Tiger Woods, if you have any humanity left, even a shred of empathy in your cold heart -- get caught with some tranny so Sandra Bullock can go on about her life and career in peace.
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Eva Mendes of TV

Diane English, the auteur of TV's "Murphy Brown," has been trying to get her planned remake of George Cukor's "The Women" in production for about ten years now. Stars have come and gone. Julia Roberts was once attached to it, but no more. Meg Ryan, however, still is.

What seemed like a bad idea a decade ago has grown on me. In fact, I started to indulge in fantasy casting at one point and, about a year ago, I mentioned to my wife that an all Latina cast might be a novel idea. In my head, the film would star Penelope Cruz, Selma Hayek, Eva Langoria, Paz Vega, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Esposito and Eva Mendez. Think about it. It could be fun.

Well, filming has finally begun and Mendez is part of the cast (as Crystal Allen, the Joan Crawford part), along with Ryan (who plays the lead, Mary, created in the original film by Norma Shearer). Rounding out English's ensemble are Annette Bening (as Sylvia, the Roz Russell role), Jada Pinkett Smith, Carrie Fisher, Debra Messing, Bette Midler, Cloris Leachman, Lynn Whitfield, Debi Mazur, Ana Gasteyer, Joanna Gleason and Candice Bergen.

The 1939 Cukor film, of course, had a screenplay by Anita Loos from the Clare Boothe Luce play. English has written her own script and, in a move that's contrary to what's usually done today, has retained all the original names of the piece's characters. You may have already noticed.

Hurrah for her.

Again, no men will be in the cast (unlike David Miller and Fay Kanin's 1956 musical remake with June Allyson and Joan Collins.)

After this, English moves on to "First Man," starring Meryl Streep as The President and Robert DeNiro as you-know-what.

(Artwork: Poster art from George Cukor's "The Women"; Eva Mendes as Crystal Allen, the "Joan Crawford part," in Diane English's planned remake)
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Nicole Kidman of Harper's Bazaar

I'm over winter which is really a problem since it's only just begun.  That is why I absolutely love the new photos of Nicole Kidman in the February issue of Harper's Bazaar.  They are like a breath of fresh air and are making me forget to that it's supposed to snow in New York tomorrow.  How many more months until Spring?

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